“I am half way through the book and enjoying it very much. It is very well written and the concepts are clearly explained.  

I’m making plenty of notes as there are areas here that really resonate with my game, particularly the concept of “lifting” the ball & also how to manage in a situation when you have the opportunity to go low….don’t put the handbrake on !!”

/Liam Glennon, England

Head coach of golf Junior Hockey World Champions 2012 and  Swedish Hockey League Champions, Fröunda, Roger Rönnberg, hails The Golfer´s Sixth Sense:

”Marry Christmas Markus!
I have read your book from cover to cover. It is a magically well written book. I love your connection between science and practice! I will read through it again and take notes and questions that I will bring both to my own golf game, but also to my job as a hockey coach.

This is the best piece of golf literature I have ever read and I have read a lot!”

/Roger Rönnberg

“I have read your book from cover to cover since returning from the Ryder Cup. It is fantastic! Incredibly interesting in so many ways. The Golfer´s Sixth Sense has made me long for golf more han I have in ages. And when I read your chapter on The Lifting Reflex, I felt shivers down my spine when I realized that this is exactly what has plagued my game from 100m and in for many years. After reading I went straight to the golf course and hit more good chip shots than ever before!

Carl Göransson, sport journalist, TT, Sweden