LJUNGHUSEN 2016-07-27 Ljunghusen Golfklubb, GOLF Foto: Andreas Hillergren
Foto: Andreas Hillergren

Markus is FULLY BOOKED for the 2023 season!
We are now taking registrations for the 2024 season.

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Markus as your coach

Working with Markus is special. In his own unique way, Markus approach is holistic, meaning that he covers every aspect of the students game adhering to scientific knowledge about motor learning and performance. This is one reason why Markus reaches amazing results. Another is his passion for his sport and passion for people.

There are three development packages from which you can choose. All three are for dedicated golfers who really want to improve. The packages include year round coaching, but also personally designed homework for each student. The homework is an essential part of improvement.

Realize your Dream
The Realize your Dream package is for the devoted golfer who has time to invest in his or her golf game. If you want to give your golf a chance and play the golf of your dreams, this package is for you. The Realize your Dream package isn’t bound to your skill level as a golfer. It is, however, dependent on your devotion to the game and your willingness to practice. Markus and you will make a mutual investment in your golf where Markus will support you on a 12 month basis.

In the beginning of the program, you and Markus make a plan for your goals and how to reach them. This plan includes all areas of golf as well as required physical and mental development. Markus´ book The Golfers Sixth sense is a part of the program for golf psychology.

You will meet for personal golf coaching minimum 4 times per year, 5-8 days per meeting. Apart from this is year round contact and coaching over email, telephone etc. The Realize your Dream package usually turns into continuous contact where Markus and student talk on a weekly basis.

All Realize your Dream packages are SOLD OUT for the 2023 season!

Major Development
This package is for you who is deeply devoted to your golf and want to improve or enjoy your game more. Markus will help you to take your game to the next level regardless of where you are now. At the first session you will make a development plan together and plan the rest of the season.

The Major Development package includes 50-60 hours of coaching (including follow up) that includes practice, playing lessons, physical development and mental coaching. The study literature of the golf psychology section is The Golfers Sixth Sense.

The Major Development packages are SOLD OUT for the 2023 season!

The Next Level
Markus helps you take your golf to the next level. Regardless of where your game is at the moment, Markus will help you take the next step. After initial game assessment, you and Markus will make a plan for your further development that includes practice of all areas of golf, physical development and on course lessons. The Next Level Package  is often used as a stepping stone to more serious golf engagements. The Next Level is about 25 hours of coaching and 5 hours of follow up.

All Next Level packages are SOLD OUT for the 2023 season!


Which package suits you best?
Send us an email and our team will help you towards the package that best suits your wishes. info@markuswesterberg.com