I read your book cover to cover over the last three days, which is saying a lot in itself since I read all of five books a year.  Really good stuff.  Like the combo of mechanical with mental and emotional. 

I’ll spare you my life story, but a lot of the emotional and mental side of the book, I think, applies to real life just as much as it does golf.  I think you’ve done a great job of hitting on a lot of key points on that side so well.

I am glad that I heard you on the podcast, “On the Mark,” as I’m very grateful to have been exposed to the book and your guidance!

/Marty Friel, USA

“I am half way through the book and enjoying it very much. 
It is very well written and the concepts are clearly explained.  

I’m making plenty of notes as there are areas here that really resonate with my game, particularly the concept of “lifting” the ball & also how to manage in a situation when you have the opportunity to go low….don’t put the handbrake on !!”

/Liam Glennon, England

I sat down and read your book, I couldn’t stop! Amazingly good book! Interesting in so many ways! I have to say that I haven’t felt this motivated for golf in ages. And when I read about The Lifting Reflex it sent shivers down my spine. This phenomenon has plagued my game for many years. I went straight to the golf course and my chip shots were better than ever!

Carl Göransson, sport journalist at TT

”I have just read your book from cover to cover. It is magically well written! I love the connection between science and practice. I will now read it again and make notes and questions for both my job as a coach and my own golf game. The Golfer´s Sixth Sense is the best golf literature I have read and I have read a lot….”

Roger Rönnberg, World Junior Ice Hockey Champion Coach and SHL Frölunda Indians coach

“Markus Westerbergs book, The Golfer´s Sixth Sense is a captivating book that helps you understand yourself as well as your golf swing.
This book starts at the individual level – that all golfers are different and that we are people with emotions, not golfing robots. The Golfer´s Sixth Sense also points out how there is no ideal swing. In this way it is a revolutionizing book!

Westerberg explains mental mysteries that golfers daily face. He brings up the impact, why so many golfers struggle with it and how to improve. He also teaches the reader how to handle nerves in a a new and efficient way.

Westerberg explains the connection between your brain and your golf swing and how it affects your golf game. The Golfer´s Sixth Sense is a result of research and own experiences as a tour player and coach. He, efficiently, ties all this together – with anecdotes, pictures and illustrations – in a simple way.

For me, The Golfer´s Sixth Sense is a book that everyone should read – at least the golfers who want to get better.”

Martin Hardenberger, golf expert, Expressen