Imagine hitting the ball further, making more putts and finding the perfect timing just by understanding the link between your mind and your golf swing.

Would that make your golf game more enjoyable? Of course!

These are just some of the thingsĀ Markus discuss in his book, the GolferĀ“s Sixth Sense where he gives you the keys to your inner potential. You are taken for an exciting journey, a discovery trip among knowledge that you didn’t knew you had. Maybe you are among those about to give up golf? Don’t! Markus will show you the path to simpler golf, to enjoyable golf.

The GolferĀ“s Sixth Sense could also be called “a study of mental golf mechanics”. It gives you tips on how to become a better and happier golfer. The book built on scientific studies and personal experience, but it is nevertheless written in a simple language, easily understandable for every golfer. Markus thoughts are easy to adopt and the book contains practical exercises and is vividly illustrated with both pictures and drawings.

After reading The GolferĀ“s Sixth Sense you will enjoy your golf and definetly lower your handicap. Enjoy your reading!

The GolferĀ“s Sixth Sense was released 2017.
(The Swedish edition was released 2016).