Photo: Andreas Hillergren

Markus who grew up in the North of Sweden and played many sports as a child. After elementary school he quit his second sport, ice hockey, to pursue his dream of becoming a golf professional and moved 14 hour south for high school. After a successful amateur career he turned professional in 1994 and spent over 15 years on the golf tours of the world earning 8 victories. Today he works as a full time golf coach, author and speaker. Markus lives and in the South of Sweden and coaches out of the prestigious Ljunghusen Golf Club.

Apart from golf, Markus´passion is people and especially the human mind. This passion brought him to Lund University and a BA of Science in Psychology. Markus often describes how the meeting with his golf students is more than just a golf lesson, “it is a true meeting with a person”. Markus often says that this meeting lets him come home at the end of the day more energized than when he left for work.

Another of Markus´ interests is writing. He released his first book, Golfarens Sjätte Sinne October 8, 2016. The English version The Golfer´s Sixth Sense was released 27 July 2017. In spring 2018 he will release The Golfer´s Sixth Sense – Practice hand book and rumor says he also has a novel in the making…

Markus is a morning person. He gladly travels to Cape Town, almost childishly loves christmas and cerises the caviar from his grandmothers native village of Kalix.

Westerberg lives in Ljunghusen, south of Malmö. He is working nationally and internationally as a golf coach, personal coach, author and speaker. He also assists the Swedish PGA education program for coming coaches.