My coaching philosophy is not something I have chosen. It has grown on my over my 40 years as a golfer, 15 years as a tour player, 10 years as a coach and a lifelong student of the game of life. My coaching philosophy is a living product that grows with me.

  • Many golfers suffer because of a lack of knowledge. They don’t know what really makes the golf ball do one thing or the other and they don’t know how your mind affects your golf swing.
  • I believe the first step to improvement is understanding.
  • I believe in simple golf coaching because golf is a difficult game.
  • I don´t believe in feeding golfers with dogms, I believe in awakening man´s curiosity in learning.
  • I believe my most valuable asset as a coach is humility towards the game of golf and towards man. I believe that even though my experience may be vast, my knowledge is limited.
  • I believe that my best source of information is the student in front of me. By telling me her dreams and her reality and by showing me her golf game and golf swing she helps me abide to her needs.
  • I believe a deliberate use of our subconscious mind is the key to performance and development.
    This truly is the Golfer´s Sixth Sense.